Martin Landsburg

Cinematographer, Colorist, DIT based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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"There are few universal truths in life, even fewer that apply to filmmaking. But with a critical and open mind, we can hopefully ask better questions to approach storytelling, as a reflection of life, with fresh ideas. When I approach a scene I consider how I can spark that curiosity in the minds of the audience.

I ask the director, myself and my collaborators: How do we lead the audience from one emotional experience to the next, and how do we convey that journey with images? In other words: if a story leads us from point A to point B, what is the most emotionally impactful way to get there?"

Martin started his career in cinema at a large camera rental house in 2005. After working as a freelance camera operator for some years, he became a Digital Imaging Technician in 2010. In this function he worked with numerous renowned cinematographers as their technical advisor and on-set colorist.

Some of these cinematographers include:
•Larry Smith (Eyes Wide Shut, Bronson, Only God Forgives)
•Mauro Fiore (The Island, Training Day, Avatar)
•Greig Fraser (Star Wars: Rogue One, Zero Dark Thirty, Killing Them Softly)
•Glen Macpherson (Resident Evil, Pompeii, Rambo)
•Daniel Landin (Under the Skin)
•Darran Tiernan (Westworld, American Gods)
•Mike Spragg (Black Mirror, Doctor Who)

Working with these captains of industry deepened Martin's understanding of the technical side of cinematography - and the creative proces behind some of cinema's most celebrated imagery. He honed his skills and became a Director of Photography in 2016, doing most of his own color grading.

Martin has worked on commercial and narrative projects all around the world:
in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar, Los Angeles and the Netherlands.

After living in various countries for 18 years, he currently resides in his hometown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He is available for work as DOP, DIT and colorist anywhere in the world.